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Speech and Voice Mission & Values

public speaking and accent reduction traing by Liz Peterson
Our Mission

We strive to develop custom-designed communication programs that position adults and children to speak and communicate effectively with higher confidence.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on offering highly skilled training supported by two decades of experience. We are a socially responsible, ethical and environmentalyl friendly company. We partner with charitable and socially responsible companies by providing free communication skills training and financial support to help challenged, unemployed people return to work and build confidence and self-esteem though good communication. Over the past 10 years, Speech and Voice Enterprises has trained, educated and supported countless individuals and families. We thank you for your trust and for choosing us to support your communication needs.

Triple Bottom-Line Strategy

Speech and Voice Enterprises is committed to a triple bottom-line philosophy of operating a socially responsible company while benefiting people, plant and profit.

  • People: Speech and Voice Enterprises is proud to announce their affiliation with the Women’s Bean Project. We currently offer our communication training classes to women who have been chronically challenged, impoverished and unemployed and are working toward independent living and gainful employment. Speech and Voice Enterprises is actively looking for other organizations to teach professional communication skills to position more people to have employment, confidence and richer lives.
  • Planet: Speech and Voice Enterprises is moving toward being a paperless company for our operations and offering paperless options for many of our products. Materials and information requiring paper will be with recycled paper goods.
  • Profit: Speech and Voice Enterprises has been fortunate to experience continual growth for nearly 2 decades. It is our pleasure to be a sponsor of CARE an organization dedicated to defending dignity and fighting poverty, globally.