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Liz provided functional ideas we can implement immediately
She enhances your confidence.
I am equipped and have a plan on how to change someone's speech
I have intense fear of speaking in front of other people. She puts you at ease.
You practice a lot. She coaches you along the way. Her class is so helpful.
My goal was to speak properly and to be confident. I know how to be more accomplished.
The quality of my presentations will now improve.
I had a big meeting with a superintendent and my boss said I sounded confident. I did because of my new skills.
I never hear of optimal pitch or up-speak (which I do). Liz is very dynamic and personable. I learned so much.
I used to be fearful. Now I will have more authority and power.
I am a vet with a practice. I spoke with up-speak and did not sound confident. Now that I have worked with Liz, that has gone away. She is a true expert with what she does.
She is very good at what she does. I am far better prepared for meetings and presentations.
I no longer run out of breath and get squeaky when I talk.
Liz is awesome. She provides the best tools. She has a lot of energy and is a true expert.
She is all about how you sound and appear. I learned so much.
She captures everything related to having an accent as well as volume, breathing and presentations
My speech was fast, choppy and mumbled. Liz helped me to communicate clearly.
Liz recognized all of my accent behaviors and how to speak better English. She takes care of you.