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Business Coaching in Denver

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Executive Business Coaching for Professionals

If you are looking to start a business or further excel in the position you have or develop a new experience in life, executive business coaching may be right for you.

  • New or current business owners
  • Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Launching the New You

We take a three-prong approach to our executive business coaching.

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication signals that influence perceived leadership
  • Identification of interfering behaviors and obstacles
  • Targeted goals and timeline for continued forward progression
  • You want something different and are ready to do it
  • You feel dissatisfied and want new skills to move forward
  • Goal directed and ready for the future
  • Facing new challenges

Understand that partnering with a skilled professional can teach you specific skills and offer strategies to move forward with your vision, goals and career

Verbal and Non-verbal Communication Matters

We first begin by evaluating your communication behaviors and identifying interfering ones that may diminish your leadership image. How you use verbal and non-verbal behaviors influences your level of confidence and how you are perceived by others. We will evaluate how you use the following business communication skills:

  • Professional Business Intonation: This is the melody pattern of your communication style. We will teach you how to speak in a style that is more persuasive and has better leadership presence while eliminating interfering habits and behaviors.
  • Voice Quality: We will teach you how to speak with a stronger and more powerful voice
  • Body Audit: How we pose our body relates to our thoughts. Our thoughts influence our behaviors. You will learn how to audit you body like a leader and send the right signals.

Leadership through communication is defined by those who speak with controlled intonation and from a lower voice.

After achieving ideal verbal and non-verbal communication skills, we will then develop a plan for targeted goals to keep you and your vision forward moving. If you are wanting to grow in an existing position or develop a new venture, we will begin the process.

Executive coaching is highly specialized and is based on your goals. We will evaluate your strengths and build on them, and identify interfering factors and obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your optimal positioning.

If you are looking to advance in your position, create a new role or business opportunity or want to be more effective with better leadership skills, then a custom designed executive business coaching program is right for you.

Elizabeth Peterson is a licensed, clinically trained and experienced speech language pathologist with over 23 years of experience and has been in private practice for 14 years. She holds a Master’s Degree, has many published books and therapy programs and is a national and international speaker. She has been university and clinically trained to establish and measure goals, listen, problem solve and develop effective programs that are supported by data.

She has been in corporate communication for over a decade and has worked with countless business professionals and executives who want to transform their communication style, executive presence and leadership image. Not everyone can call themselves a therapist but anyone can call themselves a coach. Find a skilled professional who has the education, experience and credentials to do goal-directed programming.

There are only 24 hours in a day. Skilled time management leads the pathway for a healthy workday and having balance. We will guide in identifying factors that compromise life leadership and develop a plan where you feel accomplished, refreshed while enjoying yourself.

  • How to inspire people naturally
  • Strategies for building a more productive colleague, team or department
  • Using language proactively to achieve positive results
  • How to support and work along with your team instead of leading behind a desk
  • Improving your leadership development
  • Speak with professional business intonation that enhances leadership. A skill for executives, business owners and anyone who wants a stronger leadership presence.
  • Communicate with crisp articulation with effective melody patterns
  • Elimination of interfering communication behaviors and habits
  • Speak with a stronger and more powerful voice
  • Body language strategies. Your brain and body must say the same thing
  • Demonstrating the relationship between skilled communication and leadership
  • Better visibility with your team and company
  • Build confidence and minimize fear of risk taking
  • Developing realistic timelines and have a forward moving plan
  • Chunking time and projects in manageable units
  • Identify interfering obstacles and work around them
  • Life management. Create change without compromising work life balance

We all get stuck. Having the right partner can give you new focus, new skills and new advantages.

Call us for a complementary consultation. See how executive business coaching can help you to achieve your new goals.

We can all have better.

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Executive Business Coaching - Training Options in Denver or Online

We offer a 12-week comprehensive executive coaching program. We see clients in our Denver office of online nationwide. All programs are custom designed to meet your unique needs. Please review our options below and call us to arrange your complementary consultation.

Executive Business Coaching: 

Our executive business coaching is custom designed to meet your unique needs. We offer 12-week program in our Denver Office or Online. Program is discounted when paid in full or monthly installments available. Check with your company to see if they pay for or subsidize professional development training.

We offer two day, intensive workshops a few times a year. Unlimited follow up coaching for 30 days and extensive home program and materials.

We offer half, full and our most popular training, split day. Share with us your goals and we will customize a program that exceeds expectations. Please call us to discuss your needs and type of training of interest. More information is on our Business Communication Skills Training on types of training and group size.

Purchase the How to Speak like a Broadcaster and Lead like a CEO (Third Ed. 2017) and/or watch our recorded-live seminar for professionals and executives online. 

Designed for busy professionals who want to quickly improve their speech, voice, presentation and leadership image. With the Seminar you can watch and follow along with the book from the comfort of your computer.

Communication Skills Training

Books and recorded seminar for accent reduction and public speaking.