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Business Communication for Young Professionals

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Have you ever been passed up for a promotion or felt your contributions are not valued as a young professional? 


Learn How to Speak that Sounds Clear, Smart and Confident along with a Stronger and More Power Voice

Deliver Outstanding Presentations Advance in Your Career Run a Successful Business Sound More Attractive Increase Earning Power… with Effective Communication and Voice

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Learn How to Excel in Meetings, Negotiations and Presentations

By the end of the course you will…

  • Speak in a melody pattern that sounds interesting and engaging know as business intonation 
  • Eliminate bad speech habits of sounding monotone, mumbling, upspeak behavior, trailing off before finishing a thought, vocal fry at the end the end of sentences or talking too fast
  • Speak with articulation that is crisp and sharp
  • Learn strategies to eliminate the three types of up-speak behavior
  • Gain strategies to stop talking too fast
  • Pose questions that sound commanding and drives leadership perception
  • Get the cure for “Verbal Viruses” and stop saying, uh- so, like, um, ya-know
  • Eliminate weak vocabulary
  • Eliminate voice habits that sound thin, nasal, weak or in too high of a pitch
  • Speak with a stronger and more powerful voice with natural projection
  • Speak from a full diaphragm breath to say your longer and more complex thoughts
  • Always communicate in a style that sounds confident and smart
  • Monotone: Speaking in one pitch pattern. Non-verbally it sends signals of boredom and lack of care. 
  • Mumbling: The same as monotone but the lack of range of motion with the mouth makes articulation poor and creates a volume issue. The communication lacks impact.
  • Upspeak: This is when sentences end on a higher note instead of a lower one. People who have the upspeak habit send non-verbal signals that they are not confident, not sure of what they are saying is true.  It’s very distracting and this is not a good habit for professional communication.

The great news is that these behaviors can be easily changed to having a more professional and sharper sounding communication style while still keeping a causal personality. This e-learning communication course has been specifically designed for young professionals.

Our Business Communication eLearning Course Includes:

  • Upload a speech and voice sample and get customized feedback!
  • Video instruction that teaches a specific skill
  • Auditory files for expanded instruction
  • Content pages with drills and exercises
  • Follow up emails until the course is completed
  • Discussion groups
  • Self-Assessments to evaluate progress and results
  • Certificate of Completion

Take this course anywhere, on any device and on your timeline! Enjoy our FREE LESSONS from each chapter!

Chapter 1 & 2: The Rhythm and Melody for Amazing Communication Skills

Chapter One- teaches how to speak in a style that is engaging and interesting. People who learn to speak with skilled intonation and perceived as smart and better leaders. Participants will learn a specific strategy for learning how to speak with a more controlled rate of speed, making articulation sharp and crisp and having naturally improved projection. This speaking style is more commanding and enhances leadership qualities. 

Chapter Two- will teach how to use the skill at a more advanced level that will be ideal for delivering presentations, leading meetings, speaking with more persuasion, and connecting with individuals. Other facets of leadership through communication are also taught such as how to pose questions that get you the results you want, common vocabulary words that weakens statements and common bad speech habits will be revealed with strategies on how to eliminate them. 

Chapter 3: Speaking from a Stronger and More Powerful Voice

The second skill is learning how to speak with a stronger and more powerful voice. There is a place in the lower throat where the vocal folds function at their best to produce a voice that is rich and vibrant. This e-learning course teaches that placement while eliminating a thin, high or nasal sounding voice.

Chapter 4: How to Speak with a Diaphragm Breath

The final mechanical skill is diaphragm breathing. Many people speak on a shallow breath or even run out of breath when talking. Speaking from a diaphragm breath will allow for more comfort and better projection. In addition, a full diaphragm breath along with good speech melody creates effective and calm speakers. 

This course is designed for an approximate 8-week period to allow new skills to develop into every day habit. Lessons are short, 30 minutes or less and the flexibility of e-learning allows users to take the class anywhere, on any device and own timeline. 

Each lesson has: 

  • Upload a speech and voice sample and receive feedback
  • Instructional videos that teaches a specific skill
  • Audio files with expanded information
  • Short articles with expanded information, drills and exercises
  • Follow up emails until the course is complete
  • Discussion groups
  • Quizzes
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • Available to purchase in bulk for employee distribution

We engage in gamification/self-assessments where participants receive a goal tracking sheet at the course beginning and specialized self-assessment sheets in the areas of speech melody, voice and breathing.  Be on the lookout for information about our discussion groups.

Course Timeline

I recommend taking three weeks for speech melody, two weeks for voice and three weeks for breathing and to tie the skills together. With this e-learning seminar you can take the lessons at your own pace, anywhere and on your timeline.

Please enjoy the free lessons to have an in-depth look at what is offered and how the instruction is delivered. 

Thank you for considering this e-learning program and I wish you great success. 
Liz Peterson, M.A.CCC-SLP

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We offer discounted pricing for bulk and specific unit pricing. After the purchase, the purchaser will receive an email with single use licenses as coupon codes to be distributed across selected employees. Each employee will enter the code and take the course with the full benefits including the Certificate of Completion. Contact us for purchase and set-up. 

1 single-use course, $399 / course

Discount for Bulk Purchase

  5    single-use courses,  save 10%, $359 / course
 10   single-use courses,  save 15%, $339 / course
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100  single-use courses,  save 50%, $199 / course

*Specific number of units can also be purchased

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The quality of my presentations will now improve.
I had a big meeting with a superintendent and my boss said I sounded confident. I did because of my new skills.
I never hear of optimal pitch or up-speak (which I do). Liz is very dynamic and personable. I learned so much.