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5 Courses in One Package with Live Webinars

Do you feel…

  • Your communication or voice is missing impact
  • People speak over you
  • You are not seen as credible or having leadership capabilities
  • Presentations and meetings fall flat
  • You want to be better at delivering presentations

Our online business communication, voice and presentation courses will position you to communicate with more influence and from a stronger and more powerful voice and be memorable. Speak with more energy and confidence, deliver presentations and meetings more effectively and be viewed as a leader by colleagues by the completion of our public speaking and presentation classes.

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Why Our Online Courses?

  • Highest in value- multiple courses in one package
  • Monthly webinars included for feedback, personal coaching and questions
  • Video instruction in every lesson that demonstrates a specific skill
  • Auditory files with expanded information
  • Content pages with exercises and more detailed information
  • Follow-up emails until the course is completed
  • Chapter quizzes with complete answers to ensure full understanding of the material
  • Self-evaluations across the chapters to evaluate progress
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Instruction by Elizabeth Peterson, M.A., CCC-SLP licensed speech-language pathologist and speech coach with over 20 years of experience

Corporate Clients

Look What Former Clients Say about Working with Us!

“I do a lot of group presentations and classes. I am aware of what I need to work on. The intonation I learned has greatly improved. The quality of my presentations is better and my confidence. Working with Liz was well worth the investment.”

- Michael

“Her class has taught me to slow down. Liz’s teaching style is so different from what I have had before. She is about how to deliver that message clearly and with impact. She also focuses on how you sound. You know that when you sound good that you are confident. She knows that based on how you sound is how you will appear. Her training has helped me so much. I feel ready to deliver a presentation.”

- Preston

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online as good as private instruction?

We did our best to make it so! These online courses cover all of the essential topics that would be taught in our private classes. Each video demonstrates instruction that a private client would receive. The printed and auditory files come from the book. You can join our webinars for personal feedback and additional coaching. It is of course not the same as working directly with a coach but it is close. 

*The book is available for purchase to have all of the content and auditory files together.

What are the advantages of an online self-paced class?

Flexibility! You can take this course on any device and on your own timeline. All of the topics covered in private instruction are covered in this online class. There are self-assessments across the program so you can check your progress. The causal style of the videos and auditory support creates a personal feel.

Will I get results from an online self-paced class?

Every online lesson has a targeted learning objective. However, even private clients need to practice new skills for them to turn into natural habit. You will develop your skills through printed drills, auditory support, the speech notebook, speech triggers, red-light drills and other tips on how to reinforce skills out into the real-world. If you reinforce your skills as directed thorough the class, you should achieve your goals. Included in your course is our webinars for coaching and feedback.

How will I know if I am making progress?

There is opportunity to join our free webinars to receive feedback and custom coaching. In addition, there are several self-assessments on communication, voice, breathing and other related areas so you can identify your strengths and where more practice may be needed.

Will my company pay for this class?

Possibly yes. Find out through your HR representative or supervisor if Professional Development Funds are available for continuing education. If not, check with your tax accountant. Often a professional development seminar can be written off in your taxes under the Miscellaneous category.

Is my class refundable if I don’t like it or see progress?

No. Our online, self-paced classes are not refundable after having access to the content. We have provided enormous information on what the class is about, what you will learn and how your will learn from our website and videos. There is a free lesson from each chapter for you to try before you buy. Before you buy, determine if your technology, learning style or level of self-discipline is ideal for a self-paced learning experience.

Can this be purchased in bulk for a discount and distributed across many team members?

Absolutely! The discount is larger based on the amount sold in bulk. Students will receive a coupon code and have access to the course. Contact us to learn more.