Accent Reduction Screening and Assessment Kit


Full Assessment: $225

Refill Pack of 15 Screening and Assessment Protocols: $169

Instantly Have Data for Potential Clients as They Consider Taking Accent Reduction Classes from You!

Regardless of if you are performing a screening or complete assessment, data will immediately be available to support your recommendations toward an accent reduction program. Your client will understand that you fully understand their issues and you will present like an expert in your field. Easy scoring!

Edition: 4th Ed. (2023, 2017, 2010, 2008)

The Accent Screening and Assessment Program provides two opportunities:

  • Quick screening to present accented behaviors at your consultation.
  • Detailed assessment to deeply profile accented traits for determining goals and length of the class.


  • Laminated screening card
  • Laminated assessment cards
  • 15 screening protocols
  • 15 assessment protocols
  • Assessment Tips
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Special Features

  • Open interview questions to assess conversational speech for both the screening and assessment.
  • Functional narrative paragraph to assess connected speech.
  • Assessment stimulus words are arranged by front, center, and back vowel sounds to identify accented patterns.
  • Vocalic “R” and “L” are grouped separately to identify errors.
  • Brief voice assessment.