Public Speaking and Presentation Training
6-Week Class / Live Webinar

Great Speakers Stand Out.
Points Are Made Effectively and They Command Respect.

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Small group. 90 minutes. Class closes at 8 participants
October 10 – November 14, 2023
(Tuesdays from 12:00pm – 1:30pm PST)

Do Your Presentations Lack Impact? Could You Be Better? Do You Get Nervous?

Never struggle with presentations again, feel embarrassed due to uncontrolled nerves, or feel that you can’t advance because public speaking is required for a larger position.

We understand that speaking before a group is unnatural and can be stressful especially if your audience is supervisors, colleagues, executives, board members, or paying clients.

Look forward to your next presentation with greater confidence after completing our 6-week public speaking and presentation training webinar.

Sneak Peak into Our Public Speaking Classes

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Seminar Taught by Expert Public Speaking & Presentation Coach

  • Training by Liz Peterson, Speech Language Pathologist and Speech Coach for over 20 years and operator of a Denver private practice for over 10 years.
  • Author of Speak Like an Expert and Sound Like a Leader (2023) 4th Ed. which is included in your class.
  • National seminar leader. Trained hundreds of individuals and companies wanting to improve their public speaking and voice skills.

Public Speaking 6-Week Workshop Details

Small Group. Closes at 8 people.


Dates: October 10 – November 14, 2023
Time: Every Tuesday from 12:00pm-1:30pm PST
Tuition: $1295 – Includes book, Speak like a Leader and Sound like an Expert
Platform: Zoom


Dates: January 16-Febuary 20, 2024
Time: 12:00-1:30 EST
Tuition: $1295 Includes book, Speak like a Leader and Sound like an Expert
Platform: Zoom

Dates: September 17-October 22, 2024
Time: 12:00-1:30 MST
Tuition: $1295 Includes book, Speak like a Leader and Sound like an Expert
Platform: Zoom

Course Objectives

By the end of six weeks, participants will be able to:
*Every class has breakout sessions for customized coaching and feedback

Class 1 – How to Speak with Authority, with Confidence and Sound Interesting

  • Speak in a melody pattern that sounds interesting, confident and has more energy.
  • Communicate with sharper articulation and with the right amount of speed.
  • Eliminate bad speech habits of talking too fast, being monotone and boring, trailing off, or upspeak behavior.

Class 2 – Speak with a Stronger and More Powerful Voice

  • Learn how to speak with stronger and more powerful voice.
  • Eliminate a thin, too-high of pitch, and nasal-sounding voice.
  • Understand how communication is the foundation for skilled leadership. Many signals about confidence, credibility, and leadership persona are sent based on how speech and voice are used. We’ll teach you to send the right signals!
  • Master business psychology for posing questions and redirecting a conversation.

Class 3 – Just Breathe…

  • Learn the skill of diaphragm breathing and be able to coordinate breathing and talking.
  • Learn body language secrets for looking smart and confident (even if you don’t yet feel it).
  • Body Language for learning how to read the signals of others including, “mirroring”.

Class 4 – Become and Interesting Storyteller

  • Organize content on slides with fewer words and more visuals.
  • Learn how to become a storyteller with your information. Your audience will appreciate it.
  • Gain multiple strategies for speech anxiety with proven physical and cognitive strategies.

Class 5 – Speak from Your Heart…Not Notes

  • Learn the “Give yourself a hand strategy” for short presentations where there would not be a PowerPoint and should not have note cards.
  • *Presentation coaching from activity.

Class 6 – A Storyteller is Born

  • Deliver a PowerPoint presentation and receive custom hands-on coaching.
  • *Multiple breakout sessions and direct, hands-on coaching will be held in every class.


There is no better feeling than when you realized you “crushed” your presentation!

Check if your HR representative to see if professional development funds are available for this public speaking seminar

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of taking a small group, public speaking workshop?

It is very beneficial to partner with other people. Like you, they have similar communication and voice habits and goals. The small group creates an extremely supportive and safe environment to get in front of others and practice a presentation and receive helpful feedback. Participants offer sincere comments and recommendations that often carry as much weight as the instructor because it is coming from a peer who has a different experience than from you.

What if I miss a class?

We understand conflicts with scheduling. Not to worry. The class will be recorded and you can view it when it is convenient for you.

Will my company cover the cost of a public speaking class?

Many companies will cover the cost because it is considered to be professional development and clear communication is a priority goal for most corporations. You may want to contact your human resources manager to see if that is an option.

Should a group class be taken if I have a severe case of fear of public speaking?

No. If you have a severe fear of public speaking where you feel panic, sick, and have tried to get out of presenting in the past, I will say this is not the course for you. Fear of public speaking is a very real situation. It is the same as the fight, flight, or freeze response. I would recommend private coaching sessions with us first to dive deep into past experiences and create exercises where you will slowly and surely gain the confidence to present. We have worked with people in the past who have required medication to deliver a presentation and are now medication free and feeling more confident. Speaking before a group is often an important skill for many roles. You can learn to speak Infront of others and sound smart, confident, and impactful. Then when you are feeling better, you will be encouraged to join our small group public speaking workshop for a deep discount so you can present in front of others in a safe, friendly, and fun environment.

Will we learn how to organize content and other modern trends for delivering a presentation?

Yes. It does not have to be, “Death by PowerPoint”. In fact, the newest trend is to be a storyteller with only a few words on a slide and use more visual images. This sounds intimidating at first. Many people enjoy this style once they become comfortable with it. When you are a storyteller, you will become a great speaker who stands out. You will make your point more effectively and sound more persuasive while doing so. The audience will thank you as you are more interesting, and you will command respect as an expert in your topic.

Look What Former Clients Say about Working with Us!

“I am a vet with a lot of experience and education. What I didn’t have was the ability to speak with confidence. I would speak with a lot of up-tones and that made me sound uncertain. After working with Liz I am aware of how I come across to others. I sounded “cringeworthy” when I would listen to myself on recordings. My speech sounded immature. After working with Liz all of that has gone away. I sound confident. She is very good at what she does. She is able to hear what is off and very politely bring your attention to it. She will help you to sound great. I am going to have her train my staff. She is fun with great energy. She is an excellent coach.”

- Brenda

“I didn’t present myself well and sound credible. Liz has been very helpful on what I should do and not do. I am very cognizant of the changes I want to make. When I would introduce myself, I would run out of breath. Liz taught me how to diaphragm breathe. It’s so nice to talk and not run out of breath now. All of what Liz has taught me has been very helpful and this will certainly help me in my career.”

- Kurt