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E-Book: Strategies Offer Solutions: Volume 1 - Language and Cognition
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Speech Therapy Materials for Kids
This is a two volume school age and adolescent program where students are given 3 directions or strategies in a SOS mnemonic designed to improve independence with speech, language and/or cognitive skills. This is a complete program for offering strategy based therapy.
Unique Features:
  • Sequence cards provided in each unit so students can reinforce and evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies.
  • Reproducible SOS strategy visual cue cards to give to teachers and send home to parents.
  • SOS game board with specialized activities from each strategy unit.
  • Parent and teacher education brochures and informative letters included.
Special Highlights:
  • Therapists are “ready to go” with reproducible materials requiring minimal preparation time.
  • Unique D.O.E.S. delivery model makes case management easier.
  • Strategy programs easily adaptable to core curriculum.
This program is intended for professionals working with the school age population:
  • Speech Therapists
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Resource/Learning Disability Specialists