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Accent Reduction 101 Instructor's Teaching Manual
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Accent Reduction 101: A Complete Program for Teaching English in the American Cultural and Business Style

Instructor’s Teaching Manual, Third Ed. (2017, 2010, 2008) 
Become a Corporate Communication Specialist and Get your First Client!

Accent Reduction 101 (Third Edition) is the most complete and easy to teach accent reduction program on the market for instructors to lead students to clearer speech. The instructor's book mirrors the client student material. Immediately have your clients speak with American intonation to experience clarity with their communication in about 3 weeks. Several daily exercises are offered where busy professionals can practice their new skills naturally across their business day. Sounds are easily explained with many exercises. Self assessments and units to help teach breathing, vocal pitch and resonance for speaking English with better accuracy are presented. Multiple real-world exercises, strategies and audio support make reinforcement of exercises easy.

Special Features

  • Quickly improve your speech by learning the “speech stairs” strategy
  • Speak with more impact by using different pitch patterns to create active listening and better persuasion
  • Improve skills for presenting, leading meetings, and negotiating with better impact
  • Eliminate monotone, mumbling or fast speech forever
  • Speak with confidence while enjoying yourself

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