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Accent Reduction 101: Speaking English Closer to the American Business and Cultural Style (2017, 2010, 2008)
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- 9 CDs
- Practice Auditory Files

A Complete Program for Speaking English in the American Cultural and Business Style

Accent Reduction 101 is the best program available on the market for busy people who want to reduce their accent quickly. All lessons have clear directions, multiple examples and the auditory support provides examples of sounds in words and sentences as you listen and then repeat. There are instructional points from the author across the entire program. Self assessments are included so you can monitor your progress and determine where you need additional support.

This newest edition includes lessons on additional cultural aspects that create accent such as how to speak from your best and strongest voice, speak with American oral resonance, learn how to apply less muscular force to sounds, manage fast speech and learn how to breathe from a diaphragm breath. Accent Reduction 101 will position you to achieve your accent reduction goals and speak with greater clarity and confidence. Noticeable improvement occurs in about 3 weeks!

Special Features

  • A step-by-step “how to” program
  • Comprehensive instruction with all sounds, including the common mistakes people make
  • Voice improvement and breathing program
  • Auditory support with 9 CDs and/or downloadable files

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