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How to Speak Like a Broadcaster and Lead Like a CEO (2017, 2010, 2008) with online seminar: Public Speaking for Business Professionals
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Public Speaking and Presentation Training - Live Recorded Seminar for Business Professionals

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Meet people just like you who feel that speaking to groups or delivering a presentation is nerve racking. Watch our participants, who feel the same way, transform their skills by speaking with sharper articulation with a more interesting melody style, apply a stronger and more vibrant voice and eliminate distracting behaviors. See their confidence grow across the program. In this recorded seminar you will have the opportunity to identify your goals and interfering behaviors and learn skills that will position you to be more dynamic.  See the step by step instruction for improving your communication and leadership image.

  • Learn how to speak with business intonation and be more captivating.
  • Learn how to make your voice stronger, more vibrant and powerful.
  • Be more effective with leading meetings, directing your team and delivering presentations.
  • Further define your leadership image by improving verbal and nonverbal communication skills.
  • Get strategies for managing speech anxiety.
  • Learn how to breath and speak from the diaphragm.
  • Learn body language for speaking with confidence and read the body cues of others that communicate disinterest, no thanks or deceit. You will learn strategies to redirect their interest.
  • Get the cure for verbal viruses and stop using filler words such as, “like, um, ya know…”
  • Get current with new presentation styles and models.
What You Will Learn Across the five (50-70 minutes) Video Sessions

This course begins by teaching a simple strategy that will improve your intonation, the rhythm and melody behind interesting speech and articulation. This is the model used by political figures, trained CEOs and news broadcasters.

The participants then learn how to speak from their optimal pitch range. This is the place in your throat where your voice performs at its best.

We then work on diaphragm breathing. See the participants go from a chest breath to a full and more comfortable breath. Speaking with controlled intonation is easier from a full and relaxed breath. It is also a major strategy for controlling nerves.

Watch the participants who began the course with mumbling, upspeak at the end of sentences or speaking with a thinner, higher or more nasal voice, catch these behaviors and begin the process of eliminating them. You may see some of your behaviors in the participants.

The program then continues with important aspects of successful communication such as learning how to be calm under pressure, strategies for leading meetings and enhancing leadership, and new approaches for designing and delivering presentations.

The program continues by learning a strategy on how to chunk information known as visual mapping. This strategy is helpful for unplanned questions or having to give a 5-10 presentation where you would not bring notes.

The program then switches to body language techniques. There are ways to pose your body that builds confidence. You will learn how to detect the body signals of your audience when interest is lost. There are body signals that reveal you may get a “no” to your proposal or your information is not believed. There are signals for processing information. When you can identify these signals you then hold the power to take the next move to redirect your audience’s state of mind.

Throughout the program you will watch the break-out sessions where the participants receive feedback and change their behaviors. You will have an opportunity to watch their presentations and observe the coaching. It is helpful to observe the participants catching their errors and improve their skills from their feedback.
How to Speak like a Broadcaster and Lead like a CEO is designed for busy professionals who want to quickly improve their speech, voice, presentation and leadership image. First you will learn the impressive and engaging melody style of broadcasters, political figures and CEOs known as business intonation. You will learn how to gain control of your speech rate and speak with crisp articulation. In addition you will learn how to speak with a stronger and more powerful voice. Finally, you will learn how to breathe from your diaphragm. Proper breathing techniques will allow you to project your voice, speak with more power and volume and communicate with more comfort. People who are perceived as leaders speak with controlled speed and from lower vocal tones

After learning the mechanics of how to be a great communicator, learn how to lead like a CEO. This program has lessons on how to eliminate the fear of public speaking, present like the expert you are, speak without notes, organize information concisely, improve your negotiating ability and persuade to close deals. How to Speak like a Broadcaster and Lead like a CEO is for anyone who wants professional advancement, lead meeting more successfully, deliver presentations or have a stronger executive and leadership presence.

Special Features

  • Quickly improve your speech by learning the “speech stairs” strategy
  • Speak with more impact by using different pitch patterns to create active listening and better persuasion
  • Improve skills for presenting, leading meetings, and negotiating with better impact
  • Eliminate monotone, mumbling or fast speech forever
  • Speak with confidence while enjoying yourself

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