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Onsite Professional Development for Businesses

Speech and Voice Enterprises offers a variety of business training programs designed for any type of company. We have trained employees and teams from large and established companies to new and growing small businesses across Denver and Nationwide. A small training can make a big difference in sales revenue, employee performance, professionalism and reputation.

We provide onsite business communication skills training to companies in Denver and nationwide. For every training, we conduct an interview to develop a custom designed agenda and, when onsite, we quickly evaluate the communication style and voice quality for every participant, to identify interfering behaviors. In addition, each participant will complete a communication self-assessment. From there, specific skills and strategies will be taught for, not only improving communication effectiveness, but for also increasing the ability to be more persuasive and having improved leadership.

The Difference with Speech and Voice Enterprises

Elizabeth Peterson is a licensed speech-language pathologist with over 20 years of experience and has operated her Denver practice for over 15. She is clinically trained in speech mechanics and voice and how it relates to a business setting. She has worked with multiple small and large companies over the years. Her programs are designed for busy professionals who do not have time to study material. She incorporates natural opportunities to reinforce new skills across their business day. She is the author of Accent Reduction 101 (2017, 2011, 2008 ) and How to Speak like a Broadcaster and Lead like a CEO (2017, 2012, 2009 ). In addition, Ms. Peterson trains other speech therapists nationwide on how to offer communication skills training in their practices. She is passionate about working with business professionals and companies to achieve higher outcomes and opportunity. 

Business Training Seminars in Denver and Nationwide

Our Value Proposition

Every participant receives an in-depth training book with auditory support, along with email follow up for two weeks, to ensure improved skills. We provide assessments and summaries that demonstrate results at the conclusion of the training. 

Having clear and effective communication across individuals and departments can result in improved productivity, increased revenue and more proactive relationships among clients and colleagues. Our training provides opportunity to become more strategic with applying communication behaviors that enhance leadership branding and the ability to persuade and operate with a higher degree of confidence. 

Pricing is based on program length and the group size. It will be our pleasure to speak with you to learn of your training goals and assist you with selecting the right program. Discounts are provided when one or more trainings are booked or there is a need for some employees to receive private training.

Half Day, Three-Hour: There are one or two, short breakout sessions to practice new skills. A short training provides enough time to deliver the important speech and voice mechanics to achieve targeted goals. Each participant will deliver a 2-3-minute presentation to receive hands-on coaching. A two-week practice program with e-mail follow-up is provided. 

Full Day, Six-Hour Training: Longer breakout sessions are provided with more direct hands on coaching to practice skills. A longer training provides more rehearsal time to learn and then apply the most important mechanical skills to speak and sound more professional. Time is allocated for the group to deliver short presentation/role play scenarios and receive detailed feedback. A two-week practice program is provided. Participants will have their book and audio support. 

*Most Popular  Split Training, Six-Hour Training: Two, three-hour sessions that are scheduled two or three weeks apart to practice skills. This is our most popular training as companies like the option of shorter sessions with the opportunity to practice skills between sessions. The second session typically is more advanced since participants have time to learn new skills. Time is available for participants to deliver presentations/role play scenarios and receive detailed feedback.
Two Day, 12-Hour Training: This is our most comprehensive training. This training is ideal for teams that deliver presentations for the goal of something actionable happening such as closing a sale, obtaining funding, ensuring confidence with clients/board members or improving the communication dynamics across teams. In this training participants deliver two presentations and get intensive hands-on coaching. 

* The training length influences the amount of time available for hands-on coaching for each participant. The coaching is very beneficial for participants to actually recognize their interfering communication behaviors and be coached toward skilled and more professional communication.

A group size of up to 4-12 participants is ideal for a class designed to teach behaviors with hands-on coaching. A public speaking training is more about behavioral changes than gaining intellectual knowledge. Smaller groups allow for the identification of interfering behaviors and coaching of more effective ones. When the group size is exceeded, the training becomes more of a lecture with minimal coaching provided. 

* When companies have more than one training, the additional trainings are offered at a discounted rate to provide the best learning experience with smaller groups.

Contact us to learn how we can build a training that will exceed expectations. 

What our Clients Are Saying

Liz is awesome. She provides the best tools. She has a lot of energy and is a true expert.
She captures everything related to having an accent as well as volume, breathing and presentations
I no longer run out of breath and get squeaky when I talk.

Business Communication Skills Training

Books and recorded seminar for accent reduction and public speaking.