Customer Service Call Center Training

Move Customer Service Interactions in The Right Direction

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Our customer service and phone skills training courses are designed to ensure every interaction is positive and customers feel valued and heard.

Studies Show That:

  • During a product or billing dispute, customers often report that the service agent was condescending, rude, or insensitive to their issue.
  • Supervisors report that when calls are escalated to management, they are taken away from other duties which increases their level of stress.
  • Within seconds, a customer will make a conclusion on the credibility and integrity of a company based on how speech, accent, grammar, and tone of voice were used by the company representative.
  • Customers make quick judgments, not on content, but the sound characteristics, such as speaking too fast or with up-speak or having a thin, high, or nasal-sounding voice.
  • If someone has a bad experience and there are several choices for that product or service, they will move on to another option.

The success of a company is 100% dependent upon customers feeling understood and respected. Both negative and positive interactions ultimately influence sales, payment collection, and reputation.

Our Customer Service and Phone Skills Training will give employees the tools to ensure that the customer experience is excellent and worth sharing with others. 

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Focusing On Two Key Elements

Communication and Voice:

  • Speak with professional melody patterns that sound calm and supportive.
  • Communication strategies that will control fast-talking, up-speak, monotone or mumbling speech habits.
  • Use a vocal tone that is pleasant, calm, and sounds confident.
  • Speak from the optimal pitch range to keep an employee’s voice healthy and safe from a full day of working on the phone.
  • Learn how to speak from a diaphragm breath to better support the voice and to maintain a fluid melody conversational pattern.

Proven Customer Service Strategies:

  • Utilize cognitive strategies for redirecting emotional or frustrated calls to a more positive outcome.
  • Use the skill of “Perspective Taking” by understanding situations through the customer’s points of view.
  • Have prepared language that will position a customer to feel heard and more empowered that their issue is being resolved positively.
  • Gain stronger self-analysis and awareness with the ability to recognize a declining customer service interaction and then redirect for a more professional outcome.
  • Empower customer service representatives to resolve the situation positively to avoid escalation to supervisors.

 Why Us

  • Your team will be coached by Liz, a licensed speech-language pathologist with over 20 years of experience, clinically trained in speech and voice and with a cognitive behavioral specialty.
  • It’s proven socially! See our reviews in Google, Facebook and Yelp
  • We provide pre- and post- assessments and two week e-mail follow-up with all partisipants.
  • Discounted private coaching available if some team members would like private training.
  • Liz is the author of, Speak like an Expert and Sound like a Leader 4th ed. 2024 with 8-hours of audio files included with listen and repeat type exercises with is included for every employee in our training.
  • Liz has trained hundreds of individuals and companies nationwide with the goal of more effective business communication and improved public speaking and presentation delivery.

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Accent Reduction 101 Live-Recorded Training Seminar and Instructors Manual for Teachers of Accent Reduction

How to Speak like an Expert and Sound Like a Leader

Want to improve your public speaking skills? Download our free e-book, Speak Like an Expert and Sound Like a Leader (2023) 4th Ed. Learn the “Speech Stairs Strategy” for speaking in a melody pattern that sounds smart, engaging, and confident. Understand vocal pitch and how to strengthen it. Breathing for life is different from ideal communication. Learn how to breathe from the diaphragm for natural projection. Get tips on how to deliver presentations effectively and with confidence. Plus, more.

Corporate Clients

Look What Former Clients Say about Working with Us!

“In my line of work I often present to physicians and other core providers. I want to sound more professional. She taught me how to speak with better intonation and have better vocal pitch and breathing. Liz will guide you all the way. She will coach you by saying do this, try this. Her class was very helpful.”

- Penny

“Working with Liz has helped me to feel confident that I am going to remember what I am presenting. She gave me tips on how to keep track of my information in my mind. She has helped me to slow down and speak in a lower and more powerful pitch. She is clearly an expert in her field. Her knowledge, expertise and energy are infectious. I own a business and this training made a big difference.”

- Joanne

Ready to Get Started?
We Offer Two Great Customer Service Speech Training Options:

Online Training

Self-paced online classes that employees can take on their own timeline. They can join live webinars and receive feedback. Single or discounted bulk pricing to train your entire team.

Onsite Training Your Team

We come to you and will train your team on the most current communication and customer service strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it time to consider a training for your team?

If too many calls are being escalated up to a supervisor, customers report feeling unheard or not treated well, calls from recordings signal concern or the call did not reach the desired outcome such as payment or next step.

How does the online customer service training compare to onsite training?

We enjoy our onsite trainings, however, that is not always feasible in terms of cost or having employees removed from the floor to receive a training. When that is the case, online training is the best option. All areas of good business communication and voice are covered with the many customer service topics. Each employee will get a pass and can take the course on their own timeline. A certificate of completion is provided at the end. Employees can get feedback by joining webinars that are included. 

Why are communication and voice so important for customer service work?

Communication and voice set the mood and the tone for which direction an interaction will go. We will teach a melody pattern that sounds friendly and relatable. In addition, we will teach how to keep the voice even and calm and how to maintain that if your employee is being challenged. Strategies will be presented to ensure positive outcomes.

Which areas of customer service are covered?

We cover many areas of customer service, and your training will be customized for your team’s unique challenges. One of our most popular topics is “Perspective Taking”, how to see a situation from the customer’s point of view.

How can I get my team trained?

We offer onsite training where we work with your team directly. It is an active training where team members will be practicing new strategies immediately. If you have recorded calls, we can include them, and we will also provide a variety of customer service scenarios that are related to your team. We offer half, full day, and our most popular, split training. Online training is also an option.