Call Center Foreign Accent Reduction Training

Never Frustrate Customers Again Due to Unclear English

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Train Your Callers to Speak:

    • English Clearly and Quickly
    • In the American Cultural and Business Style
    • With Greater Confidence to Ensure Successful Calls

    Are you tired of customers complaining about hard-to-understand English? Is business ever lost over communication breakdowns. Do calls get escalated to management due to poor communication?

    Our call center training classes are designed to provide clear English quickly while offering customer service strategies to ensure a successful conversation. 

    Our accent reduction call center training is focused on clarifying English quickly for positive customer interactions. We focus on the most important skills needed for improved English pronunciation for phone work. Our custom-designed, accent reduction call center training will position your employees to communicate clearly and effectively to keep calls moving in the right direction. 

    The Details

    Pricing: Based on the size of the group and chosen class. 

    Class Options: We offer two class options on how to speak English clearly to ensure employees are having a positive, and forward-moving conversation with customers and clients.

    • 4-session Quick English Pronunciation Clarity Class
    • 8-session Mini-Accent Reduction Training

    Training Options: 

    • Onsite Training Your Team: We come to you to work directly with your employees
    • Online Training: Self-paced online class. Employees can join live webinars for feedback. Single or discounted bulk pricing to train your entire team.

    Group Size: 6 or fewer per group is ideal for custom-designed instruction

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     Why Us

    • Hands-on Coaching: Training by Liz Peterson, M.A., CCC-SLP licensed speech-language pathologist and speech coach with over 20 years of experience and operator of a Denver private practice for over 10 years.
    • Proven Results: We provide pre- and post-assessments. We have done many call center training courses.
    • Our Reviews Prove It: Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

    We Offer Two Accent Reduction Classes to Meet the Needs of Your Call Center

    4-Sessions: Quick English Clarity for Call Center and Customer Service Work Class

    By the conclusion of these classes, callers will be able to:

    • Speak with American Intonation, the cultural and business communication melody pattern required for English. Greater clarity will be observed with team members in about three weeks. Speaking with clean American Intonation is the most important skill for the class to sound clear and speak in the American cultural and business style.
    • Elimination of cultural accented habits easily detected on a phone call and major contributor to unclear English and frustration for customers and clients. Examples include speaking too fast, choppy, forceful, or monotone speaking patterns.

    8-Sessions: Mini Accent Reduction and Neutralization Class

    By the conclusion of these classes, callers will be able to:

    • Learn everything from the 4-session class, plus:
    • Learn the top missing consonant sounds which can include: /th/, /ing/, /f/, /v/, /w/, and /r/ or target some vowel sounds. Identification of sounds will be based on the callers in the class. Pronouncing the most common spoken sounds in American English will significantly improve the quality and clarity of the call.
    • Customer service strategies to ensure a successful call.

    Download Your Free E-book

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    How to Speak English Closer to the American Cultural and Business Style

    How can I reduce my accent? Download our free e-book, Accent Reduction 101: How to Speak English Closer to the American Cultural and Business Style (2023) 4th ed. Learn the number one most important strategy for reducing accent and increasing clarity. Understand the unique features of American English pronunciation. Get clear instructions on how to pronounce commonly misarticulated sounds with easy-to-understand directions and examples.

    Corporate Clients

    Look What Former Clients Say about Working with Us!

    “I have never heard of optimal pitch and I spoke with a lot of up-tones. My speech did not sound confident or intelligent. I speak and sound very different now. I appreciated that Liz is a speech-language pathologist. I know how to be more clear, effective and confident at work. I want to get a promotion and be seen now in the workplace. Communication and confidence go together and now feel and sound confident.”

    - Courtney

    “I communicate to 25 different people a day. People from Ganda are known for choppy speech. We want to talk fast. I was on the phone as a project manager with a client and he said he just can’t understand me and we should call it a day. Then I met Liz and she taught me the Staircase and that changed everything, right away. Now I speak clearly and with confidence. This will help me as a project manager. Thank you Liz!”

    - Ebo

    Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

    We are excited to learn about your goals and together we will select a class that will best meet your needs. We can start the process today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is it time to consider a training class for your team?

    Customers are frustrated due to not understanding the employees’ English. As a result, business is not moving forward, or calls are being escalated to management. 

    How does accent reduction customer service training compare to an onsite training?

    We enjoy our onsite training classes, however, that is not always feasible in terms of cost or having employees removed from the floor to receive training. When that is the case, online training is the best option. All areas of speaking with clear English are presented. Every lesson has an instructional video and printed exercises, and auditory files are available to listen to and repeat American English words and sentences.

    Why is correct American English important for customer service phone work?

    Within seconds a caller will immediately recognize an accent. If the English being spoken is unclear, the customer may immediately get frustrated that their needs will go unmet, or the call will take longer than usual to complete due to the English barrier.

    Will other areas of customer service be included?

    Absolutely! Our longer program allows for deeper customer service training. Our programs are custom designed to meet the unique needs of every company. If you have recorded calls, we are happy to include them in the training.

    How can I get my team trained?

    Contact us to begin the process. We can train your team onsite or online, worldwide.