Speak Like an Expert and Sound Like a Leader


Book & Instructional Auditory Files & Workshop: $99

Book & Instructional Auditory Files: $69

Instructional Auditory Files: $49

Seminar: $59

The Book & Instructional Auditory Files

Speak Like an Expert and Sound Like a Leader is designed for those who want to quickly improve their speech, voice, presentation, and leadership persona through effective communication. The auditory files provide exercises and detailed instruction.  The instruction begins with how to speak in a melody style with a cadence that sounds smart, interesting, and effective while eliminating ineffective habits such as talking too fast, sounding monotone, mumbling, trailing off, or having upspeak behavior. How to speak with a stronger and more resonate-sounding voice along with breathing from the diaphragm are the complete skill set for impactful communication and sounding more influential.

Next, learn multiple physical and cognitive strategies on how to eliminate the fear of public speaking, gain several strategies on how to present like a skilled expert, learn how to organize information concisely with modern-day presentation techniques as well as many more topics on effective communication strategies. How to Speak like an Expert and Sound like a Leader is for anyone who wants to be more effective through communication and have a stronger leadership image and deliver presentations that are memorable across all settings. 

Book Edition: 4th ed. (2023, 2017, 2010, 2008)

*Includes 5 Auditory Files- Approximately 8 hours of Direct Instruction

Workshop: Live-Recorded Public Speaking Seminar

Watch our clients transform their public speaking and business communication skills by speaking with sharper articulation along with a more interesting melody style, applying a stronger and more powerful sounding voice, and eliminating bad speech habits of talking too fast, sounding monotone, or having upspeak behavior to name a few. In addition, how to deliver a great presentation will be included such as how to manage speech anxiety, eliminate distracting verbal filler words, body language techniques for looking confident, and what to do with those hands. Modern presentation techniques will be demonstrated such as “less is more” for slides and how to be an interesting storyteller. 

  • See the instruction as if you were present.
  • Practice along with our clients and observe the feedback.
  • A great opportunity to practice public speaking in privacy.
Bookstore green cover seminar

What You Will Learn Across the Five Video Sessions (50-70 minutes each)

  • Speak in a more captivating melody style that sounds smart, interesting, and confident.
  • Eliminate bad speech habits of talking too fast, sounding boring and monotone, trailing off at the end of sentences, and upspeak behavior.
  • Speak from a stronger and more powerful voice.
  • Effectively lead meetings, direct team members, and deliver presentations.
  • Strengthen your leadership image by improving verbal and nonverbal communication skills.
  • Manage speech anxiety with proven physical and cognitive techniques.
  • Coordinate talking and diaphragm breathing for complex thoughts.
  • Learn body language for speaking with confidence and read the body cues of others that communicate disinterest, thinking, or deceit. Learn how to use body language to redirect others.
  • Cure for verbal viruses and stop using filler words such as, “like”, “um”, “ya know…”
  • Learn new current presentation styles and presentation models.

*Throughout the workshop, watch participants receive coaching and improve their public speaking and presentation skills.