Master the art of a successful interview with the right coach

Being interviewed can be a high stress and high stakes situation. If the interview goes poorly due to feeling stressed, the inability to articulate your point concisely, or have the skills to persuade them, the job will go to someone else. Don’t lose your job offer due to poor preparation. With our interview training and customized coaching, you will be well prepared for your interview by looking confident, having well prepared answers that highlight your experience and strengths and having proven strategies that will position you to connect with your interviewer. We will teach you how to get hired. Schedule your complementary consultation to excel in your next interview.

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Looking for Interview Training?

Job interviews and internship interviews are crucial to landing a job or advancing in your career. In order to gain confidence during employment interviews, many professionals turn to us for interviewing skills training. During our interview speech training, we will teach you the skills necessary to communicate effectively.

After an interview, have you ever felt:

  • Frustrated for not being offered a second interview or position?
  • Your communication lacks clarity and you struggle to provide a concise answer?
  • It’s challenging to profile strengths and accomplishments in a memorable style?

Our interviewing coaching is custom designed to deliver fluid and smart sounding answering that radiates confidence.

Our interviewing coaching addresses two key elements for a successful interview: Strong Communication Business Skills and Strategic Interviewing Tactics

Business Communication and and Voice Skills for Persuasive Interviewing

  • Speak with interesting melody patterns that sound smart, confident, and persuasive.
  • Eliminate poor communication habits that take away from your message and shows a lack of confidence such as mumbling, a monotone and boring speech pattern, or speaking too fast that is hard to understand.
  • Speak with strong, rich, and confident-sounding vocal tones.
  • Clearly and concisely articulate your point.
  • Sound likable as that is an important characteristic during interviewing.

Strategic Interviewing Tactics


  • Offer “Prove it” statements to naturally demonstrate your work history and accomplishments through conversation.
  • Learn flexibility with a variety of questions that could come from similar subject areas. It is not possible to know what will be asked but it is possible to be prepared for a variety of similar topics.
  • Gain multiple strategies for answering challenging or unexpected questions.
  • Learn proven physical and cognitive techniques for managing anxiety and building confidence.
  • Make a natural connection with the interviewer so that when asked, “Why us?” you will have an inspiring response.

At the end of your interview coaching class, you will have the skills that say, “Hire me today!”


  Why Us

  • Be coached by Liz, a licensed speech-language pathologist with over 20 years of experience, clinically trained in speech and voice and with a cognitive behavioral specialty.
  • We customize your class to meet your unique needs. We can incorporate training from other areas such as leadership, accent reduction, interpersonal skills or networking strategies. Each client gets a program designed for them.
  • Together we develop measurable goals to be completed at the end of each class.
  • Liz is the author of, Speak like an Expert and Sound like a Leader 4th ed. 2024 with 8-hours of audio files included with listen and repeat type exercises with is included in every class package.
  • Liz has trained hundreds of individuals and companies nationwide with the goal of more effective business communication and improved public speaking and presentation delivery.

Download Your Free E-book

Accent Reduction 101 Live-Recorded Training Seminar and Instructors Manual for Teachers of Accent Reduction

How to Speak like an Expert and Sound Like a Leader

Want to improve your public speaking skills? Download our free e-book, Speak Like an Expert and Sound Like a Leader (2023) 4th Ed. Learn the “Speech Stairs Strategy” for speaking in a melody pattern that sounds smart, engaging, and confident. Understand vocal pitch and how to strengthen it. Breathing for life is different from ideal communication. Learn how to breathe from the diaphragm for natural projection. Get tips on how to deliver presentations effectively and with confidence. Plus, more.

Corporate Clients

Look What Former Clients Say about Working with Us!

“I wanted to learn how to become a better public speaker. I teach medical billing and I wanted my classes to be more exciting. I learned so much from Liz; intonation, pitch and diaphragm breathing as well as how to deliver a great presentation. I used to be so unsure of myself. After this class, I am more in charge and show more authority. I have executive presence and no longer fearful.”

- Jill

“Liz has helped me to sound so much better when I meet with important people. I had a big meeting with a school superintendent and my boss thought I would sound nervous. But she said I sounded confident and I did because I was using my new skills. Liz understood the struggles I was going through. She has a program but if you need other help with anything related to communication or leadership, she will give it to you. She will check up on you. She really cares about her clients.”

- Robin

Interview Training Options:

Private Coaching

One-on-one to focus on your interview preparation

Online Training

Self-paced, online interviewing class. Joining live webinars for feedback included.

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

We are excited to learn about your goals and together we will select a class that will best meet your needs. We can start the process today.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it time to consider interview training?

You have not been asked for a second interview, offered a position, or you sense that interviews go poorly.

How will an interview training class help me?

You will learn two very important skills: Important business communication that will sound smart and confident and from a stronger voice and how to well-prepared for an interview with specific strategies that will help your responses be more competitive.

Is the online interviewing class as good as private training?

It was designed to be. The topics covered in the online interviewing class are the same as the private training. Classes have video instruction and the printed materials come from the book. We did our best to make it comparable and it is a lower cost option for the same excellent instruction. You can get feedback by joining our included monthly webinars.

Will we practice or role-play an interview?

Absolutely. After you learn the important skills for business communication and voicing, we will do advanced work from mock interviews. We will practice the latest interviewing trends as well as specific topics from your profession. It is also a choice to video record your responses so you can take your feedback with you.

How does private coaching work for interviewing training?

We offer three different 4-, 6-, or 8-hour session classes designed specifically for your need. The longer class allows more time for hands-on interviewing coaching.