Accent Reduction Classes for Corporations: Onsite or Online

Train Your Team Members to Have Better English Clarity and Greater Confidence with Our Accent Neutralization Small Group Classes

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We Come To You

Your employees will have a noticeable improvement in English pronunciation in as little as three weeks with our accent reduction training classes.

Does unclear English cause frustration with clients or colleagues? Is there concern for lost business or productivity or even liability due to communication misunderstandings?

Rest assured that our accent reduction and English neutralization classes will have your team members speaking culturally correct English that sounds clear and confident quickly. 

Employees can communicate with easy-to-understand English after a few lessons. Conversations, meetings, and presentations will flow naturally, free from needing repetition or the frustration of not understanding what was said.

    The Details

    Pricing: Based on group size and training length

    Class Options: Classes offered are divided between 4-, or 8-, or 12–hour segments. Hours are divided according to scheduling demands

    Group Size: 8 or fewer per group is ideal for personalized coaching

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     Why Us

    We Offer Two Accent Reduction Classes to Meet Your Needs

    4-Sessions: Quick English Clarity Accent Neutralization Class

    By the conclusion of this class, team members will be able to:

    • Speak with American Intonation, the cultural and business communication melody pattern required for English. Greater clarity will be observed with team members in about three weeks.
    • Eliminate accented behaviors of speaking too fast, choppy, forceful, or monotone.
    • Behaviors from the first language will be significantly reduced and replaced with habits required for clear English in the workplace.

    8-Sessions: Mini Accent Reduction and Neutralization Class

    By the conclusion of this class, team members will be able to:

    • Learn everything from the 4-hour session, plus:
    • Learn the top missing consonant sounds which can include: /th/, /ing/, /f/, /v/, /w/, and /r/ or target some vowel sounds. Identification of sounds will be based on the employees in the class.

    12-Sessions: Complete Accent Reduction and Neutralization Class

    By the conclusion of this class, team members will be able to:

    • Learn everything from the 4- and 8-session classes, plus:
    • All vowel sounds.
    • Remaining consonant sounds and other English nuances.

    Download Your Free E-book

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    How to Speak English Closer to the American Cultural and Business Style

    How can I reduce my accent? Download our free e-book, Accent Reduction 101: How to Speak English Closer to the American Cultural and Business Style (2023) 4th ed. Learn the number one most important strategy for reducing accent and increasing clarity. Understand the unique features of American English pronunciation. Get clear instructions on how to pronounce commonly misarticulated sounds with easy-to-understand directions and examples.

    Other Public Training Options

    Online Self-paced

    Two-Day Public Speaking Seminar

    Two-Day Leadership Development Seminar

    Corporate Clients

    Look What Former Clients Say about Working with Us!

    “I am from India and I know four different languages. I have an accent from many languages. Liz Peterson actually recognized where my accent was from. She rectified the accent quickly. She gave me the correct way to pronounce sounds and words. I keep getting better over time. Her class changed everything for me as I am a doctor and people must understand what I say.”

    - Dr. Abdul Mohamed

    “Liz’s accent reduction training has a big focus on American melody. Liz has helped me to sound less monotone and more in the style of the Americans. Reducing my accent and the American melody style has really increased my confidence for speaking in front of groups. I am very thankful for Liz.”

    - Helen

    Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

    Your employees can speak English with clarity and confidence quickly with our custom-designed group training classes. We are excited to learn about your goals and together we will select a class that will best meet your needs. We can start the process today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the accent reduction training options?

    We offer 4-, 8-, and 12-hour class models that can be divided across the schedule that makes sense for the company. We offer both onsite and online training worldwide.

    What is the best group size?

    We recommend group sizes not exceed 8 people, with 4 to 5 participants being best. This is an English pronunciation class and if the group size gets too big, the course becomes more of a lecture and less of a personalized experience.

    How will we know there was any improvement?

    We offer pre- and post-assessments in the areas of attitudes toward public communication and the impact of the training. Results always demonstrate that participants felt that our training has had a profound impact on their professional role and have greatly benefitted from the training. We can provide a summary of the results.

    Will you travel to our location and can team members join online?

    Yes, as we feel that being onsite is a better training atmosphere. Often companies have other team members join from other locations and that works too.

    Can the training be filmed?

    We do not allow the training to be recorded due to our unique proprietary teaching methodology. We thank you for understanding.