Accent Reduction 101: Speaking English Closer to the American Cultural and Business Style


Book & Instructional Auditory Files & Seminar: $189

Book & Instructional Auditory Files: $129

Seminar: $99

Instructional Auditory Files: $79

The Book & Instructional Auditory Files

Accent Reduction 101 is the most comprehensive book on the market for reducing an accent quickly. All lessons have clear directions with multiple examples and the auditory practice provides examples of sounds in words and sentences as well as instruction. Self-assessments are included in every chapter for monitoring progress. In addition, there is a bonus chapter on speaking from the best vocal pitch range with correct American oral resonance and how to diaphragm breathe. Noticeable improvement in about 3 weeks! Accent Reduction 101 is the only resource needed for reducing an accent while including all aspects of effective communication and voice skills.

Book Edition: 4th ed. (2023, 2017, 2010, 2008)

*Includes 9 Auditory Files Approximately 15- Hours of Direct Instruction

Special Features

  • A step-by-step “how to” approach
  • Comprehensive instruction with all sounds, including common mistakes. Plus 12 hours of auditory instructional files
  • Self-assessments in every chapter to monitor progress

Workshop: Live-Recorded Accent Reduction

Watch and learn while our clients from India, Russia, France, Nepal, and Nigeria transform their accented speech into clearer English.

  • See the instruction as if you are present.
  • Practice the exercises along with the participants and hear helpful feedback.
  • Common errors clients made are identified followed by coaching for a more accurate result.
Bookstore accent reduction class

What is learned across the 8 video segments (50 to 70 minutes each):

  • Understand the cultural behaviors brought to English that do not belong and have a strategy for eliminating them.
  • Master American intonation, the most important skill for culturally correct sounding English, and the pathway for more accurate consonant and vowel sound pronunciation.
  • Learn simple and quick daily exercises for practicing new skills during the day naturally.
  • Master how to pronounce the most frequently used American sounds such as /th/, /ing/, and more.
  • Extensive American /r/ training
  • Pronounce consonant sounds such as: /f/, /v/, /w/ and blended sounds correctly.
  • Watch the participants improve their /r/ sound with more advanced coaching.
  • Understand American resonance and how that applies to vowel sounds. Learn how to speak more from the mouth and less from the throat or nasal cavities.
  • All vowel sounds are demonstrated: Front, Center, and Back Vowel Sounds.
  • Breathe from the diaphragm as a strategy to control the rate of speed and communicate more comfortably.

*Throughout the workshop observe clients receive coaching and demonstrate new and improved skills across the many breakout sessions.