Accent Reduction Training for Teachers

Learn How to Offer Accent Reduction and Other Corporate Communication Services in Your Practice

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Change Your Career and Earning Potential

by Becoming an Accent Reduction Teacher and Corporate Trainer

Nation and worldwide there is an incredible opportunity for speech therapists and ESL teachers (or anyone else) to offer accent reduction classes and other business communication services. Imagine the lifestyle and flexibility of operating a successful business. Individuals and companies are willing to pay for accent reduction classes as a part of professional development training. 

Do you feel:

  • Burnt out and ready for a change?
  • That working with corporate clientele can be exciting?
  • Substantially increasing your income with your own business is a good thing?

Offering accent reduction training classes and other corporate communication opportunities will redefine your career and earning potential.

Get excited about working on your terms with higher revenue streams by becoming an accent reduction and corporate communication expert. Companies and clients want to hire you right away.

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 Why Us

We will teach you how to reduce someone’s accent and how to establish a successful business.

  • Liz Peterson, M.A., CCC-SLP has been a licensed speech-language pathologist for over 20 years and operates a successful business communication practice in Denver, Colorado for over 10 years.
  • She is the author of Accent Reduction 101 4th ed (2023). as well as many other accent reduction books and products geared for business communication.
  • For over a decade, Liz has taught speech-language pathologists and ESL teachers among other professionals how to deliver accent reduction classes and start or grow businesses.

Purchase the Live-Recorded Accent Reduction 101 Seminar and Instructor’s Manual Combo

  • Learn how to identify the cultural habits and behaviors that create accents and are not a part of the cultural style of American English.
  • Learn how to teach missing consonant and vowel sounds as well as the common mistakes clients make when first learning these sounds.
  • Understand how to start or grow a business
    • Negotiate rates with confidence
    • Effective marketing techniques
    • Establishing large corporate contracts

Personal Coaching – Have a Profitable Corporate Communication Business in 90 Days

If you would like a hands-on partnership for building your business, contact us for customized coaching to get your corporate communication company launched.

We will work with you to build your confidence as a business owner and support you in identifying obstacles and how to work around them. Learn business strategy for establishing websites and digital marketing and what is important during the early stages. Learn how to build a cliental, negotiate company contracts, establish fees, and offer more programs in addition to accent reduction and get your business launched in 90 days. 

Download Your Free E-book

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How to Speak English Closer to the American Cultural and Business Style

How can I reduce my accent? Download our free e-book, Accent Reduction 101: How to Speak English Closer to the American Cultural and Business Style (2023) 4th ed. Learn the number one most important strategy for reducing accent and increasing clarity. Understand the unique features of American English pronunciation. Get clear instructions on how to pronounce commonly misarticulated sounds with easy-to-understand directions and examples.

Corporate Clients

Look What Former Clients Say about Working with Us!

“Liz has provided me with many activities that I can immediately implement. Her ideas are so functional. I know I will be great at this and do private practice.”

- Jewell

“I have been a medical speech pathologist and I wanted to expand. She helped me to enhance my confidence. I don’t have any experience in accent reduction but now I have a foundation and I feel confident that I can succeed.”

- Kathryn

“I am a speech-language pathologist who works with children and I wanted to get into accent reduction. I didn’t have the tools. The biggest impact of this seminar was how important intonation is and resonance and how to shape speech opposed to straight articulation. She explains things so well. What she shares is clear. I am ready to be teaching accent reduction.”

- Jennifer

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

We are excited to learn about your goals and together we will select a class that will best meet your needs. We can start the process today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really expect to increase my income by offering accent reduction services?

Of course! The training from the Accent Reduction 101 seminar is very comprehensive. You will be given all the tools you need to begin. It is up to you to have the drive to launch. I will say, I operate a successful business and there is nothing unique about my situation other than the passion to be a successful business owner.

What kind of money can I expect to make?

Services in professional development pay much higher than the traditional roles of speech pathology or ESL teacher. There is the option to work with individuals privately or offer group training. Both are very lucrative.

What if I don’t have any experience with accent reduction?

You are either a licensed speech-language pathologist who has been clinically trained in speech mechanics or a credentialed ESL teacher who is experienced with different languages and cultural groups. You have excellent experience to draw upon to offer this service that is not that different from your current professional role.

Can teaching accent reduction be part-time?

It’s your business and you have full control. I have worked with individuals who want to do it part-time for extra fun money or something nice to offer in retirement to those who go all in for a new full-time change. There is ample opportunity locally and internationally. Go for it, anyway that you want.

Are coaching services available if I need more support?

Yes. We offer hands-on coaching programs where you will be fully supported in navigating business ownership and establishing paying clients. Reach out for details.