Communication & Leadership Training
6-Week Class / Live Webinar 

Great Leaders Stand Out. They are Confident and Communicate Effectively.
Learn How to Use Communication Strategically to Be Viewed as a Leader!

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Small group. 90 minutes. Class closes at 8 participants
October 12 – November 16, 2023 (Thursdays from 12:00pm – 1:30pm PST)

Being Great at Leadership Does Not Come with The Job Title

Ineffective communication impacts leadership success. When directives or ideas are made with poor clarity, unintentional, soft wording, or with a lack of confidence, it’s challenging being viewed and respected as a successful leader. Ineffective leadership is often the cause for increased stress, high turnover, low morale and loss of productivity. Common challenges leaders report are:

    • lack of confidence
    • not feeling respected
    • ineffectively communicating new ideas or opinions
    • fear of failure or struggling with imposter syndrome
    • unsure of what leadership style to adopt
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    Seminar Taught by Expert Leadership & Communication Coach

    Learn how to perfect communication effectiveness, speak from a stronger and more powerful voice while learning the most current, evidence-based leadership strategies and techniques to excel in your career and further develop your team and organization after completing our 6-week communication and leadership webinar.

    • Training by Liz Peterson, Speech language pathologist and speech coach for over 20 years and operator of a Denver corporate communication private practice for over 10 years.
    • Author of Speak Like a Leader and Sound like an Expert 4th ed. (2023). Included in your seminar.
    • National seminar leader. Trained hundreds of individuals and companies wanting to improve their business communication, voice and leadership skills.

    Communication and Leadership Training Class Details

    Small Group. Closes at 8 participants.


    Dates: October 12- November 16, 2023
    Time: Thursdays from 12:00pm – 1:30pm PST
    Tuition: $1295 Includes book, Speak like a Leader and Sound like an Expert
    Platform: Zoom


    Dates: January 18- February 22, 2024
    Time: Thursdays from 12:00pm – 1:30pm EST
    Tuition: $1295 Includes book, Speak like a Leader and Sound like an Expert
    Platform: Zoom

    Dates: September 19-October 24
    Time: Thursdays from 12:00pm – 1:30pm MST
    Tuition: $1295 Includes book, Speak like a Leader and Sound like an Expert
    Platform: Zoom

    Course Objectives

    By conclusion of this communication and leadership workshop, participants will be able to:

    Class 1 How to Speak with Authority to Enhance Leadership Persona

    • Determine your leadership vision, goals and identification of obstacles.
    • Speak in a melody pattern that sounds confident, engaging and commands respect known as business intonation.
    • Communicate with sharper articulation and with the right amount of speed.
    • Eliminate bad speech habits of talking too fast, being monotone and boring, trailing off, or upspeak behavior that compromises credibility and authority.
    • Identify 5 leadership communication and voice goals to enhance respect.
    • *Break out session-Hands on coaching to speak with intonation effectively.

    Class 2 How to Speak with a Stronger and More Powerful Voice

    • Learn how to speak with stronger and more powerful voice.
    • Eliminate a thin, too-high of pitch, and nasal-sounding voice.
    • Understand how communication is the foundation for skilled leadership. Many signals about confidence, credibility, and leadership persona are sent based on how speech and voice are used. We’ll teach you to send the right signals!
    • Master business psychology for posing questions and redirecting a conversation that sounds confident and impactful.
    • Partner exercise: Identify your Voice Image.

    Class 3 Eliminating Imposter Syndrome and Overcome Limiting Beliefs

    • Understanding and eliminating Imposter Syndrome.
    • Identify where Imposter Syndrome came from and building confidence.
    • Applying impactful intonation and strong voicing to speak with intention.
    • *Partner exercise: Identification of limiting beliefs and how it relates to specific leadership roles.

    Class 4 Conflict Management- Strategies for Team Dynamics

    • Apply multiple and effective strategies for conflict management.
    • Utilize intonation and voice to frame challenging conversations.
    • Turn awkward conversations into opportunity for growth.
    • Identify progress toward communication and leadership goals.
    • * Partner exercise: Managing conflicts with authentic and empathetic leadership styles. Solving problems without being judged as “emotional”.

    Class 5 Leading Purposeful On-track Meetings- A Leadership Make or Break Point

    • Effectively time-box. Groundbreaking time management. Get control of your day!
    • Utilize redirection strategies for controlling domination.
    • Apply strategies for on-point and purposeful meetings.
    • Partner exercise: Applying skilled communication and voice skills when presenting ideas with authority and confidence.

    Class 6 Side Effects May Include…How Your Greatest Strengths Might Be Interfering Factors for Your Leadership Persona

    • Perspective taking. Taking the deep dive into helpful and harmful personality traits.
    • Gaining insight and awareness into interfering behaviors.
    • Completing your leadership plan, review of goals and next steps.

    There is no better feeling that when you speak, you know you were heard!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will my company cover the cost of a communication and leadership development class?

    Many companies will cover the cost because it is considered to be professional development and clear communication and effective leadership is a priority goal for most corporations. You may want to contact your human resources manager to see if that is an option.

    What is I miss a class?

    We understand conflicts with scheduling. Not to worry. The class will be recorded and you can view it when it is convenient for you.

    What are the advantages of taking a small group, communication and leadership workshop?

    It is very beneficial to partner with other people. Like you, they have similar communication and voice habits and leadership goals. The small group creates an extremely supportive and safe environment to practice exercises receive helpful feedback. Participants offer sincere comments and recommendations that often carry as much weight as the instructor because it is coming from a peer who may have more or different professional experience from you. Participants bond and is often a great networking opportunity as well.

    Is this as good as private coaching?

    Certainly. Often better than private instruction. We keep the group size small for individual attention. You will have a speech and voice assessment and poor or unhelpful speech voice habits will be identified. You will develop a leadership plan and learn from other points of view from the group discussion. There is tremendous benefit from working in a small group as people are there for the same reasons. It is a very supportive environment. Great comments and discussion come from the group experience.

    Do the online participants feel included in the group?

    Absolutely! Participants will be partnered with other classmates for practice and then receive hands-on feedback from the instructor. The workshop will never exceed 8 participants allowing for custom feedback and coaching. There are partner exercise and coaching in every class.

    Look What Former Clients Say About Working with Us!

    “I am a vet with a lot of experience and education. What I didn’t have was the ability to speak with confidence. I would speak with a lot of up-tones and that made me sound uncertain. After working with Liz I am aware of how I come across to others. I sounded “cringeworthy” when I would listen to myself on recordings. My speech sounded immature. After working with Liz all of that has gone away. I sound confident. She is very good at what she does. She is able to hear what is off and very politely bring your attention to it. She will help you to sound great. I am going to have her train my staff. She is fun with great energy. She is an excellent coach.”

    - Brenda

    “I didn’t present myself well and sound credible. Liz has been very helpful on what I should do and not do. I am very cognizant of the changes I want to make. When I would introduce myself, I would run out of breath. Liz taught me how to diaphragm breathe. It’s so nice to talk and not run out of breath now. All of what Liz has taught me has been very helpful and this will certainly help me in my career.”

    - Kurt