Public Speaking for Women

The right speech coach can teach you how to command the room, Lead Meetings, and Deliver Presentations with Impact from the “Power Spot” in Your Voice

A Public Speaking Class Designed for Women

When women unknowingly demonstrate ineffective business communication and public speaking skills it can be difficult being taken seriously among management, colleagues and clients. Don’t let poor speech habits or a weak voice discredit your ideas or prevent you from advancing. We will teach you how to be great at public speaking. With our private public speaking training classes specifically designed for women, your ideas will have impact and you will be viewed as a leader. Our speech coaching will position you to articulate your point concisely, with confidence and from your stronger and more powerful voice.

Specifically Designed Public Speaking for Women

Online or Onsite in Denver

Our public speaking and voice training is specifically designed for women so they can always lead with confidence and be effective in every setting.

Could This Be You?

Some women unintentionally hurt their leadership persona through poor speech and voice habits such as:

  • Talking too fast
  • Upspeak behavior
  • Voicing that is too thin, soft, or high in pitch
  • Simply not crushing it
  • Not seen as a leader

Eliminate poor communication and voice habits that are ineffective, hurt leadership persona and comprise advancement. Schedule your complementary consultation to learn how public speaking coaching will position you to be a more powerful communicator.

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  Why Us

  • Be coached by Liz, a licensed speech-language pathologist with over 20 years of experience, clinically trained in speech and voice and with a cognitive behavioral specialty.
  • We customize your class to meet your unique needs. We can incorporate training from other areas such as leadership, accent reduction, interpersonal skills or networking strategies. Each client gets a program designed for them.
  • Together we develop measurable goals to be completed at the end of each class.
  • Liz is the author of, Speak like an Expert and Sound like a Leader 4th ed. 2024 with 8-hours of audio files included with listen and repeat type exercises with is included in every class package.
  • Liz has trained hundreds of individuals and companies nationwide with the goal of more effective business communication and improved public speaking and presentation delivery.

We offer three private public speaking and business communication coaching classes to support your needs and goals

Together we can determine which package is the best fit for you.

Training available onsite in Denver or online

 4-Sessions Speech and Voice Empowerment Class for Women

By completion of this class, the following should be achieved:

  • Speak with captivating melody speech patterns and from a stronger and more powerful voice known as intonation. Enjoy speaking with better fluency and at the right pace and speed.
  • Discontinue poor speech and voice habits such as: speaking too fast, monotone, up-speak behavior, use of filler words or speaking from a voice that is too thin, high in pitch, or has nasality.
  • Learn the Vocal Power Spot Placement
  • If time allows presentation coaching or role-play professional situations.

8-Sessions Women’s All Business Class

By completion of this class, the following should be achieved:

Everything from the 4-session classes plus:

  • Diaphragm Breathing. Speak from a full breath to coordinate speech and breathing for high-demand speaking situations.
  • Turning the three most important communication skills into a habit (intonation, voice, and diaphragm breathing).
  • Hands-on coaching for presentations or relevant business communication topics related to women and leadership.

12-Sessions Powerhouse Public Speaking Class for Powerful Women

By completion of this class, the following should be achieved:

Everything from the 4- and 8-session classes, plus:

  • Physical and cognitive strategies for managing speech anxiety.
  • Body language tips for looking confident.
  • Writing and organizing content.
  • Current slide design: Storytelling presenting. More visuals, fewer words.
  • Custom-designed presentation coaching.
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Other Public Speaking Training Options

Online Self-paced

Two-Day Public Speaking Seminar

Two-Day Leadership Development Seminar

Download Your Free E-book

Accent Reduction 101 Live-Recorded Training Seminar and Instructors Manual for Teachers of Accent Reduction

How to Speak like an Expert and Sound Like a Leader

Want to improve your public speaking skills? Download our free e-book, Speak Like an Expert and Sound Like a Leader (2023) 4th Ed. Learn the “Speech Stairs Strategy” for speaking in a melody pattern that sounds smart, engaging, and confident. Understand vocal pitch and how to strengthen it. Breathing for life is different from ideal communication. Learn how to breathe from the diaphragm for natural projection. Get tips on how to deliver presentations effectively and with confidence. Plus, more.

Corporate Clients

Look What Former Clients Say about Working with Us!

“Working with Liz has helped me to feel confident that I am going to remember what I am presenting. She gave me tips on how to keep track of my information in my mind. She has helped me to slow down and speak in a lower and more powerful pitch. She is clearly an expert in her field. Her knowledge, expertise and energy are infectious. I own a business and this training made a big difference.”

- Joanne

“I am a vet with a lot of experience and education. What I didn’t have was the ability to speak with confidence. I would speak with a lot of up-tones and that made me sound uncertain. After working with Liz I am aware of how I come across to others. I sounded “cringeworthy” when I would listen to myself on recordings. My speech sounded immature. After working with Liz all of that has gone away. I sound confident. She is very good at what she does. She is able to hear what is off and very politely bring your attention to it. She will help you to sound great. I am going to have her train my staff. She is fun with great energy. She is an excellent coach.”

- Brenda

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After completing our custom-designed, public speaking and business communication skills training you will lead, communicate with confidence, and be heard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we offer public speaking and business communication skills training specific to women?

They deserve it. With more women rising in the workplace and political roles and becoming executives and business owners, there is a need for women to position themselves successfully. Women have unique features such as having a naturally thinner and higher vocal pitch placement compared to men. Voice placement for richer and pure vocal tones is a big part of our training plus other unique features specific to communication, leadership positioning, and body language.


Regardless if you work in business or media, or want to land that interview, we will analyze your speech and voice skills and immediately offer strategies that will improve your voice quality and speaking styles, as well as your confidence and leadership status. We offer different classes that will meet your needs.

What is the number one worst speech habit for women?

Upspeak, which sounds young, immature, and not confident. Upspeak is when speech ends on a higher note typically during the last word or few words of a sentence. Upspeak is distracting, interferes with clear messaging, and does not sound smart when compared to women who do not have that habit. For women who have this habit, we shape it out early in our speech and voice classes. Upspeak behavior cannot exist in communication when wanting to be perceived as smart and a leader.

How is talking too fast harmful to a women’s leadership positioning?

Fast speech is hard to understand and can become exhausting for listeners. Women lose their power when they speak too fast because the listener is forced to process fast speech instead of simply listening and getting the message comfortably. Fast speech also causes speech to be in a higher voice placement instead of a lower one. Lower vocal tones are more associated with leadership. Also, fast speech causes errors in pronunciation. Good communication should be fluid and easy to process for the listener.

Why do women have thinner and softer voices compared to men?

Physiology. As a result, many women have thinner vocal folds compared to men. Also, speech, voice, and personality are heavily correlated. It is easy for women to place their voices in a higher, thinner, and nasal placement. Voices that are too thin, high, or have a lot of nasality are not as commanding when compared to women who speak with strong and pure vocal tones.

Is leadership training included in the classes?

Of course! Communication through leadership is defined by those who speak with interesting melody patterns with sharp articulation and from a stronger and more powerful voice placement. These skills are addressed first in our programs. In addition, many signals about leadership are sent based on how voice and speech patterns are used. We will make sure you are sending your intended signals that radiate strength and confidence.