How to Speak Persuasively to Close Every Deal!

Public Speaking and Business Communication Skills for Entrepreneurs

10-Hour Online Master Class

Why a course specifically designed for business owners?

If your negotiations or business model is not communicated effectively, the opportunity will go to a competitor. As a result, revenue will be lost and your business will not grow.

Close every deal! Learn how to increase your company’s value with confident and concise sounding communication while eliminating ineffective speech and voice habits. Demonstrate people should be doing business with you with our online public speaking and business communication skills class designed for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Five Courses in One Package

Instructor: Elizabeth Peterson, speech-language pathologist with over 20 years of experience

Course One

 How to Sound Smarter, More Confident, and More Persuasive

course 1 business owner

How to Sound Smarter, More Confident, and More Persuasive

As a business owner, it is vital that you clearly communicate your value to customers and clients and lead your employees with intention and confidence. This course will teach you how to speak with smart-sounding melody patterns with more vocal variety, moving inflection, sharper articulation while speaking at a rate that is more controlled and sounds convincing. This is known as intonation and speaking in this style is the most important skill for business communication. Master how to be more effective in consulting, delivering presentations, and directing staff to communicate to people that they should be doing business with you.

By the end of Course One, you will be able to do the following:

  • Speak using the “speech stairs strategy” to sound clear, smart, fluid, and confident as you represent your business
  • Speak with improved articulation and diction
  • Eliminate poor speech habits that can hurt credibility, such as talking too fast, sounding monotone, mumbling, trailing off, and using up-speak
  • Understand why speaking with intonation is the most important skill for effective communication
  • Turn new communication skills into habits by applying the speech notebook, speech triggers, and red-light drill exercises in the real world


Course Two

How to Use Communication Strategically to Enhance Your Leadership Persona

Liz presenting

How to Use Communication Strategically to Enhance Your Leadership Persona

Be viewed as a leader as you present your products by applying skilled and strategic communication. Learn the ineffective behaviors that can compromise your credibility and leadership persona and gain new strategies to eliminate them. Weak vocabulary, use of filler words, and other poor speech habits will be revealed and replaced with new skills so you can speak with more authority when you represent your business.

By the end of Course Two, you will be able to do the following:

  • Understand the three types of up-speak behavior and utilize strategies to eliminate it
  • Replace minimizing vocabulary with more impactful communication
  • Understand how to apply strategic pauses for more impact
  • Pose questions to sound more confident and like a leader
  • Employ strategies to keep from talking too fast
  • Apply the “cure” to stop “verbal viruses” from discrediting your message


Course Three

How to Speak with a Stronger and More Powerful Voice


How to Speak with a Stronger and More Powerful Voice

Learn how to present your business offerings from your optimal pitch range by producing vocal tones that are strong, powerful, and confident while keeping the voice safe from injury due to continual speaking. Tones that are too soft, weak, high in pitch, or nasal are ineffective and should be replaced with those that are strong and clear. Communication will sound professional and smart when spoken from the optimal pitch range.

By the end of Course Three, you will be able to do the following:

  • Speak with a stronger and more powerful voice
  • Utilize multiple strategies for finding the power spot in your voice
  • Eliminate ineffective vocal behaviors, such as vocal fry or using tones that are too high, thin, or nasal
  • Understand the three types of resonance
  • Pass the test for nasal speech

Course Four

How to Diaphragm Breathe for More Effective and Powerful Communication


How to Diaphragm Breathe for More Effective and Powerful Communication

Learn how to speak with from a full diaphragm breath at the conversational level through our easy four-step process. Speaking from a full breath allows speech to feel fluid and well-coordinated when explaining your points to potential customers. Shallow chest breathing will be replaced with fuller and more comfortable breaths that project the voice for clear communication. If speaking before others causes anxiety, diaphragmatic breathing is a great strategy for calming nerves.

By the end of Course Four, you will be able to do the following:

  • Learn how to speak using a full diaphragm breath at the conversational level
  • Understand how to coordinate diaphragmatic breathing and talking
  • Utilize diaphragm breathing as a strategy for managing anxiety
  • Eliminate short, shallow chest breathing
  • Increase the projection and power in their voice through diaphragm breathing

Course Five

 Becoming a Powerhouse Speaker: How to Make “Power Points” with Your Audience

course 5 business owner

Becoming a Powerhouse Speaker: How to Make “Power Points” with Your Audience

After mastering essential communication and voice skills, it is time to apply those new skills to give an outstanding presentation. It is not unusual for business owners to deliver a pitch or more formal presentation. This bonus course will prepare you to deliver a modern, on-point presentation that will bring actionable results. You will learn the crucial skill of delivering information through storytelling, which will keep audience members engaged and help them remember the content. Multiple physical and cognitive strategies to combat fear of public speaking will be offered. Body language techniques for how to stand, show confidence, and what to do with your hands will be revealed, along with numerous tips on how to organize content on a slide (less is more) and manage a presentation effectively. By the end of this course, you will look forward to presentations, not dread them.

By the end of Course Five, you will be able to do the following:

  • Understand how to be an interesting storyteller for every type of presentation
  • Learn how to “ground yourself” to appear strong and confident in your presentation
  • Develop an action plan for combating state fright with proven physical and cognitive strategies
  • Speak brilliantly without notes with the visual mapping strategy
  • Organize slide content with modern day principals (less is more)
  • Gain multiple strategies for answering unexpected questions and managing audience expectations
  • Apply a variety of body language techniques that demonstrate confidence and authority for both in-person and online presentations


A Note from Liz

It takes time to learn new habits. This course has been designed to take approximately six weeks for skill mastery. We recommend taking two to three weeks for Courses One and Two, one to two weeks for Course Three, and one to two weeks for Courses Four and Five. You control the pace—no need to rush. Take the time to practice these new skills. Once these skills become habits, they will become natural. Enjoy!

Benefits of This Course

10-Hour Three-to-Six Weeks for New Skills to Become Habits

  • High-value program with five courses in one bundle—includes monthly webinars for personalized feedback and coaching
  • 50 short instructional videos
  • Auditory files with expanded instruction and drills
  • Easy-to-read content and exercises
  • Weekly follow-up emails until the course is completed for eight weeks
  • Quizzes at the end of each course to ensure understanding
  • Goal tracking and self-evaluations across all courses
  • Easy course navigation that allows you to pick up where you left off
  • Certificate of completion

Course available for bulk purchase at a discount. Call to learn more.

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Course One

An Introduction to the Speech Stairs Strategy with Course Highlights and How Skills Blend Together

Course Two

How Strategic Communication Enhances Your Leadership Persona

Course Three

Take a Journey through Your Resonating Cavities

Course Four

Introduction to Diaphragm Breathing

Course Five

The Number One Cause of Fear of Public Speaking

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“Liz is awesome. She has provided me with all the best tools to implement in my setting. I am effectively communicating in my meetings and presentations. She is full of so much energy. Liz is a true expert and professional. She is able to take a concept and break it down into useful information you can use beyond the class.”

- Aileen

“Her class has taught me to slow down. Liz’s teaching style is so different from what I have had before. She is about how to deliver that message clearly and with impact. She also focuses on how you sound. You know that when you sound good that you are confident. She knows that based on how you sound is how you will appear. Her training has helped me so much. I feel ready to deliver a presentation.”

- Preston