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How to Speak with Impact Across All Media Platforms

8-Hour Online Media Training Master Class

Why a course specifically designed for media?

If you don’t like how your voice sounds on a recording or the thought of a media event makes you panic, a great opportunity can become a lost or disappointing experience.

Be media ready! Our online media class will quickly prepare you to speak with a powerful voice for on camera work, interviews, videos and podcasts while eliminating ineffective speech and voice habits. Learn how to be clear and confident while enjoying your media promotion by completion of this online media training class.

    Why Our Online Media Training Course?

    Become an effective communicator with a more powerful voice in three weeks.

    • Your timeline. You set the schedule
    • Learn in small increments. You are set up to achieve new skills
    • Access to Liz! Monthly Instructional webinars included for feedback and coaching
    • Change how you speak and sound with our instructional videos, audio files, practice exercises and other tools
    • Stay motivated and moving forward with weekly emails
    • Check your progress with self-evaluation tools in every course
    • Know you mastered it with quizzes 
    • Discounts on private coaching
    • Certificate of Completion
    • Ask questions, read posts, and interact with members
    • Instruction by Elizabeth Peterson, M.A., CCC-SLP licensed speech-language pathologist and speech coach with over 20 years of experience. Author of Speak like a Leader and Sound like an Expert. 4th ed. 2023

    This class will give you all of the tools to be viewed as a leader when you speak and present

    Five Courses in One Package

    Instructor: Elizabeth Peterson, speech-language pathologist with over 20 years of experience

    Course One

    How to Sound Smart and Confident in Every Media Setting


    How to Sound Smart and Confident in Every Media Setting

    Be media ready by learning how to speak with dynamic intonation. Intonation is speaking with an interesting melody pattern that involves more vocal variety, moving inflection, and sharper articulation. Use intonation and proper speaking pace to sound like a smooth media professional. Speaking with skilled intonation is the most important skill for all media work and business communication. Lean how to sound dynamic for on-camera delivery, videos, podcasts, audio recordings, and interviews.

    By the end of Course One, you will be able to do the following:

    • Speak using the “speech stairs strategy” to sound clear, smart, fluid, and confident on all media platforms
    • Speak with improved articulation and diction
    • Eliminate poor speech habits such as speaking too fast, sounding monotone, mumbling, trailing off, and using up-speak
    • Understand why speaking with intonation is the most important skill for effective communication in all media settings
    • Turn new communication skills into habits by applying the speech notebook, speech triggers, and red-light drill exercises in the real world


    Course Two

    How to Use Communication Strategically to Enhance Your Leadership Persona

    Liz presenting

    How to Use Communication Strategically to Enhance Your Leadership Persona

    Be viewed as a leader in the media by applying skilled and strategic communication styles. Learn how ineffective behaviors can compromise your credibility and leadership persona and gain new strategies to eliminate them. Weak vocabulary, use of filler words, and other poor speech habits will be revealed and replaced with new skills to speak with more impact.

    By the end of Course Two, you will be able to do the following: 

    • Understand the three types of up-speak behavior and utilize strategies to eliminate it
    • Replace minimizing vocabulary with more impactful communication
    • Understand how to apply strategic pauses for more impact
    • Pose questions to sound more confident and like a leader
    • Employ strategies to keep from talking too fast
    • Apply the “cure” to stop “verbal viruses” from discrediting your message



    Course Three

    How to Speak with a Stronger and More Powerful Voice


    How to Speak with a Stronger and More Powerful Voice

    It is imperative that media professionals communicate with a voice that is clear and projects. Learn how to speak in the optimal pitch range by producing vocal tones that are strong, powerful, and confident while keeping the voice safe from injury due to high-demand speaking situations. Tones that are too soft, weak, high in pitch, or nasal are ineffective and should be replaced those that are strong and clear. Communication will sound more professional from the optimal pitch range.

    By the end of Course Three, you will be able to do the following:

    • Speak with a stronger and more powerful voice
    • Utilize multiple strategies for finding the power spot in your voice
    • Eliminate ineffective vocal behaviors such as vocal fry or using tones that are too high, thin, or nasal
    • Understand the three types of resonance
    • Pass the test for nasal speech


    Course Four

    How to Diaphragm Breathe for More Effective and Powerful Communication


    How to Diaphragm Breathe for More Effective and Powerful Communication

    Learn how to speak from a full diaphragm breath at the conversational level through our easy four-step process. Speaking from a full breath allows speech to feel fluid and well-coordinated when speaking in public. Shallow chest breathing will be replaced with fuller and more comfortable breaths that project the voice for clear communication.

    By the end of Course Four, you will be able to do the following:

    • Learn how to speak from a full diaphragmatic breath at the conversational level
    • Understand how to coordinate diaphragmatic breathing and talking
    • Utilize diaphragmatic breathing as a strategy for managing anxiety
    • Eliminate short, shallow chest breathing
    • Increase the projection and power in your voice through diaphragmatic breathing


    Course Five

    Media Specifics: How to Be Media Ready for All Platforms


    Media Specifics: How to Be Media Ready for All Platforms

    After mastering the communication and voice skills necessary to be effective in media settings, you will learn specific strategies to excel on all media platforms. Course highlights include three approaches for writing clear and organized copy, how to prepare for interviews and manage different types of questions, on-camera body language, and many other tips to look and sound like an expert in the world of media.

    By the end of Course Five, you will be able to do the following:

    • Utilize three strategies for writing clear and concise copy
    • Learn how to edit copy for concision while retaining information
    • Understand multiple techniques for being media ready
    • Pose questions like an expert
    • Learn several on-camera body language techniques and how to sound strong and clear when using a microphone


    A Note from Liz

    It takes time to learn new habits. This course has been designed to take approximately six weeks for skill mastery. We recommend taking two to three weeks for Courses One and Two, one to two weeks for Course Three, and one to two weeks for Courses Four and Five. You control the pace—no need to rush. Take the time to practice these new skills. Once these skills become habits, they will become natural. Enjoy!

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    Course One

    An Introduction to the Speech Stairs Strategy with Course Highlights and How Skills Blend Together

    Liz presenting

    Course Two

    How Strategic Communication Enhances Your Leadership Persona


    Course Three

    Take a Journey through Your Resonating Cavities


    Course Four

    Introduction to Diaphragm Breathing


    Course Five

    How to Cure Verbal Viruses in Your Speech

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    How to Speak like an Expert and Sound Like a Leader

    Want to improve your public speaking skills? Download our free e-book, Speak Like an Expert and Sound Like a Leader (2023) 4th Ed. Learn the “Speech Stairs Strategy” for speaking in a melody pattern that sounds smart, engaging, and confident. Understand vocal pitch and how to strengthen it. Breathing for life is different from ideal communication. Learn how to breathe from the diaphragm for natural projection. Get tips on how to deliver presentations effectively and with confidence. Plus, more.

    Corporate Clients

    Look What Former Clients Say about Working with Us!

    “Liz is awesome. She has provided me with all the best tools to implement in my setting. I am effectively communicating in my meetings and presentations. She is full of so much energy. Liz is a true expert and professional. She is able to take a concept and break it down into useful information you can use beyond the class.”

    - Aileen

    “Her class has taught me to slow down. Liz’s teaching style is so different from what I have had before. She is about how to deliver that message clearly and with impact. She also focuses on how you sound. You know that when you sound good that you are confident. She knows that based on how you sound is how you will appear. Her training has helped me so much. I feel ready to deliver a presentation.”

    - Preston

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long is there access to the course?

    There is lifetime access to purchased course.

    Is online as good as private instruction?

    We did our best to make it so! These online courses cover all of the essential topics that would be taught in our private classes. Each video demonstrates instruction that a private client would receive. The printed and auditory files come from the book. You can join our webinars for personal feedback and additional coaching. It is of course not the same as working directly with a coach but it is close.
    *The book is available for purchase to have all of the content and auditory files together.

    What are the advantages of an online self-paced class?

    Flexibility! You can take this course on any device and on your own timeline. All of the topics covered in private instruction are covered in this online class. There are self-assessments across the program so you can check your progress. The causal style of the videos and auditory support creates a personal feel.

    Will I get results from an online self-paced class?

    Every online lesson has a targeted learning objective. However, even private clients need to practice new skills for them to turn into natural habit. You will develop your skills through printed drills, auditory support, the speech notebook, speech triggers, red-light drills and other tips on how to reinforce skills out into the real-world. If you reinforce your skills as directed thorough the class, you should achieve your goals.

    How will I know if I am making progress?

    There is opportunity to join our free webinars to receive feedback and custom coaching. In addition, there are several self-assessments on communication, voice, breathing and other related areas so you can identify your strengths and where more practice may be needed.

    Will my company pay for this class?

    Possibly yes. Find out through your HR representative or supervisor if Professional Development Funds are available for continuing education. If not, check with your tax accountant. Often a professional development seminar can be written off in your taxes under the Miscellaneous category.

    Is my class refundable if I don’t like it or see progress?

    No. Our online, self-paced classes are not refundable after having access to the content. We have provided enormous information on what the class is about, what you will learn and how your will learn from our website and videos. There is a free lesson from each chapter for you to try before you buy. Before you purchase it, determine if your technology, learning style or level of self-discipline is ideal for a self-paced learning experience.