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Frequently Asked Questions About Public Speaking Training

How would speech or voice training benefit or improve my career?

improve your career with speech and voice training from Liz Peterson

Improving your speech and voice quality can make a big difference on how you are perceived by others. Many individuals speak in a pitch that is too high, thin or nasal. Often individuals with these voice qualities are judged as being too young or not confident or competent enough for management or leadership positions. The perception is that they do not measure up as strongly when compared to people who have a rich and commanding voice quality. Think of the voice quality of male and female news broadcasters. Do their voices sound nasal or thin to you?

Speech and Voice Enterprises will profile your speech and voice skills and immediately offer strategies that will improve your voice quality and speaking styles, as well as your confidence and leadership status. Vocal coaching and speech therapy will teach you how to speak in your ideal pitch range, while naturally projecting your voice for more commanding vocal tones. You will learn how to organize and present information concisely even when put on the spot without warning. Anxiety that interferes with your message will be eliminated. You will also learn how to speak with clear articulation and diction. When you are talented and have expertise, sharing your knowledge should be exciting and fun. Your speaking skills and voice quality are the most important factors for communication, especially in a professional setting. Speech and Voice Enterprises will teach you how to sound like a polished and professional speaker in just a few sessions.

What is a typical voice coach or speech coach training session like?

A typical voice and speech coaching session at Speech and Voice Enterprises is high energy, direct and geared for your specific needs, goals and interests. We will incorporate your daily routine, professional obligations and the typical things you say each day into your program so it is functional and custom tailored to meet your speech and voice requirements. It makes more sense to work around your professional script and daily obligations than to do “general speech and voice activities.” We are experts at identifying what is essential to your goals and creating a plan around your lifestyle so you will quickly achieve your goals and move forward with your plans.

Will my company cover the cost for speech and voice lessons?

Often many employers will cover the cost as a part of their training program since these skills relate to many job descriptions and expectations. Ask your employer or human resource specialist.

If your employer in unable to finance the program, you can ask your tax accountant if the program fee is an appropriate tax deduction since this for professional training and education. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of your program. 

The good news is Speech and Voice Enterprises has a variety of payment options. If you truly want to reduce your accent or improve your speech and voice skills, our flexible fee schedules will allow that to happen.

My throat frequently hurts and my speech always sounds hoarse and breathy. Should I see a speech therapist for this?

First it would be best to consult an ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT) to rule out a specific voice disorder. An evaluation and diagnosis will determine if it is appropriate to begin therapy with a speech-language pathologist.

Is it really a true statistic that more people are afraid of public speaking than death?

Yes! This poll is done frequently with the same result. More people are afraid of public speaking than of death,  or even of being diagnosed with cancer! It baffles us that millions of people feel this way. It truly can be easy and fun to speak confidently in front of people. Once you learn a few simple tricks and strategies about breathing, where to place your voice for a rich, vocal tone and eliminating anxiety, you will want to seek out opportunities to speak with or in front of people. Call us for a free consultation on learning how to speak in public and enjoy yourself at the same time!