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Resources for Business Owners

New business owners, there are some good free and low cost resources out there to help you start your business.

  1. The Small Business Administration www.SBA.gov. Lots of resources and free or low cost classes on subject matter you need. Also check out the one in your city such as the Denver Small Business Administration
  2. SCORE Service Corps of Retired Executives. www.Score.org They have free or low cost classes. You can also make an appointment and have a free meeting with someone to discuss your plan and get questions answered. If they don’t have the answer, they will give you a resource. Check out the Denver chapter. 
  3. Adult Education Classes. Typically, a single 3-hour class on subject matter you will need for a low cost. Colorado Free University is in Denver. Check out their schedule.
  4. Meet Up. An online community with many events and groups for new business owners, entrepreneurs, women in business, etc. Many groups offer networking events, organize lunches, happy hour, bring in a speaker or simply meet and talk. The state of Colorado has the largest chapter in the country. Check out www.Meetup.com. If Denver is your city, select it and search for the above-mentioned groups.
  5. Chamber of Commerce or Business administration for your city. Denver and Aurora has a large business admin with free counseling or low cost classes. You can even have a meeting with a counselor. Search these types of terms for your city and you will get resources. 

I hope you find these resources helpful. I have used all of these when I was first developing my business. There is a lot of great information out there. Go get it!